Top 10 Proven Prospecting Tips!

Prospecting is key to building a successful business and should be a part of every marketers daily routine. ProspectingConnecting with at least 20 people a day will, in time, build a strong following of people that respect you as an authority. Here is a playbook that can provide proven prospecting tips to meet your goal. Check it out!

Prospecting and Recruiting can be handled in many different ways. Each marketer knows what works best for them. Prospecting starts with establishing a relationship first. You must build confidence and trust in a prospect before beginning to pitch your business. Building relationships are key to discover exactly what your prospects needs and dreams are all about, so that you can find the perfect fit for them. Find their pain and offer options.

Some may already have a warm market that they can recruit easily, others may be comfortable approaching  people and can easily communicate with others what they do and spark an interest. And then others are more comfortable prospecting Online. Each of us have our own comfort level of prospecting. That’s not to say that stepping out of your comfort level is something you should attempt and practice and you may find a hidden talent you didn’t even know you had.

One of the best approaches to accomplish these tasks is to follow other experts to see what marketing strategies they use and have proven to be successful. So it is up to you what you are most comfortable doing. Although, by all means, remember to give it a try to step out of that comfort zone.

Most importantly when prospecting is to be yourself, get personal, establish a friendship and be honest. Let your prospect know that money will not just drop from sky and land in their lap. It will take work and time and the pay off can be determined by how much they put into it. Staying positive and never giving up will get you to that pot of goal you so badly want.

Now, I could go ahead and reveal the Top 10 Proven Prospecting Tips that I have learned from my friend, Ray Higdon, but why reinvent the wheel. Ray is an expert at prospecting so I want you to hear it from the best. So sit back, relax and listen all the way through and you will be ready to get started today! Hold on to your hat, Here go’s!

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