Six Savvy Ways To Market Your Website

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Six Savvy Ways To Market Your Website

You want your company’s website to reach out to as many people as possible. Its primary purpose is to be a virtual advertisement that teaches visitors more about what the brand has available. If you aren’t marketing your website correctly, no one is seeing your content. And that means your website isn’t doing its job. Let’s discuss six savvy things that you can do to help market your website and boost the number of visitors you receive.

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Search Engine Optimization:

This is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results. By optimizing keyword phrases, you can help rank your link to the top of search engine result pages such as Google or Bing. Since most people do not go beyond the first page of their search results, being at the top really matters when it comes to SEO.           

There are several ways you can improve your website’s SEO. You can improve your existing content to include more keyword phrases. Add a blog to add fresh content to your site, and increase the number of backlinks or inbound links that are on your webpage. Inbound links are links that your website receives from other websites. They help to improve your online reputation.


The second thing on our list is blogging. Having a company blog on your website will provide you with a place to inform your target audience of everything new. And keeping consistent content on your page will help keep visitors coming back for more. The wonderful thing about blogging is that your content doesn’t always have to be about the company. It can be about something distantly related to your brand that is popular or trending right now.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click:

This is an online marketing strategy that’s been around for years, yet it’s still very effective. PPC advertising can bring in traffic to your site from search engines. You pay a fixed price for every click your ad receives. The goal is to convert the visitor to see a return on your investment.

Google Adwords uses PPC and allows you to set a budget (such as five dollars a day or a maximum of ten cents per click). You choose the keyword phrases and Google helps you get your company’s ad in front of your target audience, no matter where they may be on the web.

Facebook Ads:

On average, more than 483 million people use Facebook every day. That’s great news for companies who wish to advertise on the social media giant. Facebook ads can help you direct your ads to members of your target audience. You can choose your ads to show to people in a certain location, age demographic, or fans of other similar companies to your own. It’s a great, affordable way to bring new traffic to your website.

Retargeting Ads:

This is a method where you place a tracking cookie on your visitor’s computer. When they leave your website, they will see ads from your company, allowing them to click and come back if there were something they missed. This advertising method can help you reach visitors who leave without making a purchase, which can often be around 98% of your total visitors.

If you’ve spent any time online you’ve seen retargeting ads yourself. You may visit an online store, looking for an item to buy and then leave the website. A few minutes later while on Facebook, an ad shows up on your wall for the exact store or the exact item you were looking for. This keeps your company or the item the visitor wants, fresh in their minds. And that will increase the chances of the visitor coming back to buy the product.


Creating a video about your company and posting it on YouTube can help expose your brand to others in a creative and convenient way. Google will index the content and others can embed your video on their blogs to share on social media. While not everyone has a video to go viral, you can still use YouTube as a resourceful tool to help get your name out there.

YouTube also gives you the option to advertise on other videos by purchasing targeting ads which are relevant to your business. If you sell athletic apparel for example, you could purchase a targeted ad for a video featuring sports news. People interested in athletics viewing the news video will see your ad and will be more inclined to purchase something from you than someone in another demographic.

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