Improve Your Call To Action For More Engagement

I recently watched a webinar with Bill and Michelle Pescosolido that was so informative and helpful. It was all about the importance of your Call to Action and proven effective results. Many things we all probably never thought about. So I wanted to share with you some of my notes.Here are some tips to improve your call to action for more to action

Did you know that the color for your Call To Action button can make a major impact on your customers decision to click or move on? The Psychological Effects of color have been studied by scientists since the Middle Ages, but you only need to look at the world around you to see – and feel – their impact. Color evokes emotion in people.

As a general rule, brighter shades tend to be more energetic, while darker shades more relaxing. The brighter shades of calls-to-action attract the eye, while the darker shades in backgrounds help create an immersive effect. So always bare in mind the full color scheme of your post and website theme to ensure your Call To Action stands out. Don’t miss the mark by don’t having your Call To Action be the total eye catcher on the page.

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Let’s take a look:

  • Orange – Expresses Immediate action, Playful, Energetic
  • Red – Sense of Urgency, Passionate, Aggressive, Important
  • Yellow – Get Attention, Happy, Friendly, Warning
  • Blue – Builds Trust and Security, Serene, Inviting
  • Green – Natural, Stable, Prosperous

The words used in your CTA should be in the first person. For example; rather than using “Click Here Now to get Instant Access” may it stand out by using “Give Me My Free Report Not”. Use urgency whenever possible.

Your CTA button shape can also have a major impact. When using a rectangular shape, round off the corners instead of using a squared corner. This is proven to be more appealing to the eye. Also consider making the button large enough to accommodate mobile phone users to easily tap the button.

Finally, place the CTA action button in several places on your post. The first above the fold of the screen where the user does not need to scroll the page to see your CTA. Be very clear and concise with the words used in your button so the user knows what value you are offering.

branded website

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How to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page

Landing pages are an important part of your marketing strategy and key to Increase Conversions. Getting traffic to these pages is essential. But, this traffic means nothing if your page doesn’t convert. If you’re getting traffic, but not sales, then learn how to increase conversions on your landing page. Increase Conversions

You Need to Be Consistent

The first step towards increasing your conversions is to make sure that you remain consistent. This means that all of your content needs to have a consistent message and your information needs to remain consistent.

If you include stats or figures in your content, inconsistencies will turn people away. Always double check any details that you include in the landing page.

For example, if you mention at the top of the landing page that your program has helped 2,000 customers and then mention that it’s helped 3,000 customers in your final call to action, you will lose sales. Consumers are smart enough to notice these small inconsistencies.

You also need to remain consistent with the tone and style of your content. Make sure that your content flows in a natural way.

You Need to Narrow Your Focus

Each landing page should have a single focus. You need these pages to have one, clear message. Don’t try to promote multiple products with one landing page. Instead, focus on a single item that you want to promote.

You can use cross-selling opportunities further down your sales funnel or email marketing plan. Your landing page should solely focus on the topic of your PPC ad campaign.

You should also get rid of any content on your landing page that distracts from your main message. This includes images and additional forms.

You Need to Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a trick used by successful internet marketers. This encourages your visitors to take action now, instead of bookmarking and forgetting about your landing page.

This urgency doesn’t have to directly impact your sales copy. You can create a sense of urgency with your calls to action and headlines.

For example, let visitors know that this offer is only available for a limited time. Or, limit the number of customers that can receive this deal. You could also offer the first so many visitors a special offer.

You Need to Add Credibility to Your Claims

When you make claims, such as stating that your program or product can achieve specific results, you need to back up these claims with some type of confirmation. Generally, this comes in the form of customer testimonials or social proof.

You should include a spot for testimonials or social proof on your landing page. The typical landing page starts with a presentation of a problem or issue that you’ll solve. You then describe the advantages of your product or service. Next, comes the testimonials, followed by the details of your product or service.

If you haven’t received any positive comments from customers or if you’ve not yet released your product, you could give away a limited number to people on your mailing list.

Encourage these consumers to give you their feedback, while mentioning that their comments may be used in promotional material. You should then be able to obtain a few testimonials to use on your landing pages.

You Need to Test Subtle Variations

The final tip for increasing conversion rates on your landing pages is to test subtle variations. This includes different headlines, calls to action, and your actual sales copy. Though, you should only test one change at a time.

The process of testing these small variations is called A/B split testing. You create two versions of the same landing page, with one difference between the two. See which one performs better and use this information to improve your ability to create effective landing pages.

These tips can help you tweak your landing pages to increase conversions. If you’d like even more powerful marketing tips, including conversion-ready internet marketing prospects, then click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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