How You Can Be More Productive In Your Business

Want to Learn How You Can Be More Productive In Your Business?

Be More Productive In Your BusinessIt is a scientific proven fact that when you work in “chunks” or blocks of time…… you will be more productive in your business and get more done during those blocks. Keeping your mind focused on one task at a time will ensure better quality content and a faster ability to create the content. Set your mind to Be More Productive In Your Business and achieve your goals.

Now How Can You Be More Productive In Your Business and Get More Things Accomplished?

Here is what I have recently started doing and highly recommend you give it a try. This method has greatly increased my productivity and quality of content.

  • Decide on a length of time you want your “productivity blocks” to be. I suggest a “productivity block” to be at least 30 minutes and less than 1 hour. I have found personally, that about 40 minute blocks work the best (try a few different lengths to see how long you want your productivity block to be.)
  • Important: during this productivity block you should be free from ALL distractions.

That means you should refrain contact with the list below…

  • Close down Facebook or other Social Media
  • NO reading or responding to emails
  • Turn off the TV or other such distractions
  • Don’t check your cell phone to see messages, texts, etc.
  • Ask family or kids to respect your quiet time; no talking to you

Since all of us are very different and some may be able to tolerate and even block out some distractions, others may not be able to.  A recommended app to install on your computer may help you greatly by filtering out distraction and noise. It plays different types of sounds/music that will filter out distracting noise and help to keep you focused. Give it a try…….It’s called

Now it’s time to get to work!

Do your best to remain laser focused on whatever you’re working on during this productivity block. Remember: the block is only 40 minutes or so.

So it’s not like you’re sitting at your desk for the next several hours.

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Your goal is to be as productive as possible… a productivity burst… within the relatively small time allocated to productivity block.

Then when the Productivity block is over…

⊗ ~ STOP what you’re working on and TAKE A BREAK!

FYI – the breaks are the key element to the success of your productivity blocks.

Here’s how the breaks should work…

Choose a length of time between 5-10 minutes for your break.

During your break you should get up/get away from your computer and/or work space.

Get a snack, go to the bathroom, go outside for a few minutes.

Maybe do a bit of exercise (push ups, squats, or even some stretching is great).

Whatever you do make sure you are physically walking away from your computer and taking a complete break from doing any work.

Be More Productive In Your Business

This means…

Don’t check emails
No need look in your back office
Do NOT go to Facebook to see if anyone clicked “like” on your recent status update.

All of these activities can wait until later!!

Unless it’s a family emergency, there is no email so important that you need to read it during your break.

So what I’m saying is… I truly want you to give yourself a real, honest to goodness, break.


Because as soon as your break is over…

… you get right back to work in another productivity block!

You are ready to pick up right where you left off and get back to work for another 40 minutes or so (or however long your productivity block is).

Not sure this will work for you? ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Try this strategy for 1 week (productivity block > break > productivity block > break) and see if you’re more productive.

Bet you will surprise yourself and actually get a lot more accomplished during this week.

I seriously would like to know your thoughts on this and if it helped you become more productive within your business. I know if has helped me tremendously and I must give credit to Bill Pescosolido for sharing these tips and helping me become more productive. To get additional information on My Online Business Education Platform, CLICK HERE.

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