How to Create Your Personal Brand

How to Create Your Personal Brand

Create Your Personal Brand

Have you ever heard Create Your Personal Brand to be successful in the Marketing Business? So what does this mean and how do you Create Your Personal Brand?

Building a personal brand means providing so much value in one (or multiple) niche(s) that people begin to associate your name with the idea of what it means to be successful in that industry.

Creating your Personal Brand allows you to invite people to know, like and trust you. What this means, is by sharing your mission, core values and vision with them they will respect you as an authority and follow your training and offers.

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There are a few key points to consider when getting started to Create your personal brand:

  • Determine your focus and personality
  • Choose a brand name. This can be your own name or catchy business name.
  • Decide on a tagline or slogan that best represents what you stand for.
  • Choose colors and fonts for your Brand.
  • Perhaps create a logo, not absolutely necessary if your just getting started.
  • Use a good photo of yourself, smiling and looking directly into the camera.
  • Create a banner or image to share across all platforms you intend to promote your brand.

Your overall goal should be to get your Brand and all the items listed above seen by the masses. By seeing your face, tagline and staying congruent on all platforms, this will help you grow your Brand quickly.

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Creating Your Personal Brand

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Creating Your Personal Brand

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5 Social Media Advertising Techniques to Adopt

Online advertising spending has surpassed spending on television advertising. While PPC advertising is a big chunk of this spending, social media advertising techniques are becoming just as important.

If you’re not already using social media ads to gain new followers or more prospects, then there are a few techniques that you should adopt.  SM Advertising

Use Ads to Highlight Non-Sales Efforts

You don’t need to use social media ads to direct users to your various landing pages. There’s more that you can do, such as highlighting non-sales efforts. For example, you can use ads to let consumers know about your charitable efforts or upcoming events.

Many of the biggest corporations employ this method, but it can be just as effective for your own personal brand. You’re able to highlight details that allow people to connect with your brand on a personable level.

Use Ads to Encourage Participation

Another option is to use ads to encourage participation. You could use this to learn more about your target market. Learn more about their interests by using an ad to direct visitors to an online poll or survey.

One option that’s been used quite effectively by various brands lately is to simply ask a question in your ad and direct users to comment on a specific post. This spurs conversation, all of which revolves around your brand, helping you gain new followers.

Use Sponsored Posts to Gain New Followers

Most social media networks have their own form of sponsored posts. These are essentially paid ads, in the form of a social media post. This lets you instantly reach more social media users, increasing your chances of gaining followers.

Sponsored posts can be combined with the other techniques. You can use sponsored posts for your online polls or highlight your achievements. The idea is to gain more attention than you might with other forms of paid advertisements. 

Use Targeted Social Media Advertisements

With any social media ad, you can target specific regions, areas, or demographics. Use this to narrow down the focus of some of your advertisements. Consider a form of niche marketing.

When you target a smaller market, you’re likely to face less competition. You can also alter your ads for different regions. This easiest with Facebook targeted ads.

Facebook provides numerous options for targeted ads. For example, you can target Facebook users that have a specific interest or hobby. You can also target users based on their age range or geographic location.

When using Facebook ads, another option is to exclude visitors to your website. If you decide that you want to focus solely on people that haven’t visited your site or know about your brand, this is a great option. You can even alter this to include retargeting.

With retargeting, you’ve got the option to only display ads to users that have previously visited your website. You can even set the time since they last visited your site. This helps increase overall engagement.

Use a Combination of Marketing and Ads

You can’t just rely on paid ads. You also need to stick to your existing marketing strategy. Continue to post on a regular basis. Don’t count your sponsored ads or paid ads as another post on your regular schedule.

You want to continue growing followers and engaging with your audience. Use paid ads as a supplemental technique to boost your social media presence. All of this is geared towards increasing your overall online presence and helping you grow your brand.

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