How To Create Success with Vision, Mindset, and Meditation [2 MP3 Audios]

How To Create Success with Vision, Mindset, and Meditation

Vision Mindset Meditation

Do you find times when you lose focus or motivation in reaching your goals? You struggling to stay on a steady course and just don’t know how to turn things around.

Your not alone, it’s human nature and happens to many people. Even successful people at one time or another have found themselves feeling the same way.

No worries! There is a solution to turn things around for you.

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To create your success having clarity can be achieved with the proper guidance of your Vision, Mindset, and Meditation.

Let’s explore ways to make changes and totally change your life with Meditation.

Developing, conditioning, and re-programming your mind is going to be some of the hardest work you will EVER encounter… but will be the most fulfilling, rewarding, and transformational journey of your life.

First, learn to master your mind & emotions… and you must let go of negative beliefs, programs, and chemical addictions that have been controlling your life, and keeping you stuck. We must RE-WRITE THE PROGRAM THAT IS RUNNING YOUR LIFE for you to TRULY BREAK-FREE & BE HAPPY!

Creating a daily habit of plugging into this daily audio [below] will transform how your brain is wired, and help re-wire it for success. This inner work is where the real work begins… ENJOY THE PROCESS because you are about to create and become the beautiful, powerful, unstoppable REAL you… and your business (and life) will never be the same!

Let’s jump right into your solution. Listen to the two MP3 files and change your Vision, Mindset, and Meditation!

Vision Meditation Foundation MP3

Daily Meditation MP3

Now you have the tools you need to change your mindset and motivate you to move forward to building your successful business. Regardless of what niche you are in these are resources that can help you through everyday life.

I highly recommend you consider this training platform for learning and sharing with others different strategies to help your business and life grow even more.

With My Lead System Pro training platform is widely used by many top earners in all different industries. Become an affiliate and generate a secondary income source.

Join me at My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Today! Creating tomorrow’s leaders Today!

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Donna M Sands
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Slam Dunk Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Slam Dunk Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

Wouldn’t you like to know how so many online marketers can build a business so quickly? Sometimes you will see marketers share examples of their inbox full of emails “You made a Sale” or “Cha-Ching You earned a Commission”.

Why are you not getting results? You feel you have worked hard doing all the right strategies and nothing is making it happen for you. You are frustrated, on the verge of just shutting down and quitting.

Sound familiar?

I get it, many marketers have had these same emotions along their journey. The plain truth is, standing your ground and remembering “WHY” you started.

[bctt tweet=”If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you’ll work until you die – Warren Buffet” username=”sandsonlinevent”]

If you’ve ever been waiting for the right solution, you don’t have to wait any longer. Are you ready to slam dunk your business with Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product or system, then promotes that product/system and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

Doing your research to find an legitimate, powerful, lucrative, and innovative affiliate program is key. There are plenty of affiliate programs out there. By doing your due diligence you can find your perfect fit. You may already have your own products you love and want to promote so make sure the affiliate system allows you to promote those products as well.

Benefits of an Affiliate Program/System:

  • Can offer a source of secondary or primary income
  • You’ll join the ranks of a support community to answer questions, offer solutions
  • Offers consistent access to ongoing training through webinars, podcasts…
  • Continually adding valuable products
  • Wide range of price points of products
  • Easy to understand step by step training
  • You don’t have to be an expert with Affiliate Marketing, just teachable

What should I look for in an Affiliate Product or System?

  • Length of time doing business; you want to know the affiliate has a proven track record for more than 5 years
  • Price Points; are the range of products affordable and offer upsales? Price ranges starting as low as $1 up to $5000 or more
  • Are the Tools and Resources available within the product or system, ie. autoresponder (Aweber)
  • Use caution when researching reviews! Negative reviews often conclude the product is legitimate. Don’t just make a decision by the headline. Read the full review.


Affiliate marketing is an ideal solution for those just getting started in building a home based business. Those looking to gain control of their own income by focusing on performance-based revenue options.

Working together with a system, a motivated affiliate marketer can achieve a passive income from the comfort of their home without worrying about producing their own product or service. Although the success of the job does depend on the affiliate marketer’s dedication. It can prove to be an effective way to meet your income goals as either a primary career or a profitable second job.

In my experience, attending live events, webinars and being interactive in the support community, improves your chances of staying motivated and meeting your goals.

Author’s Final Review

After completing my research and reviews of affiliate marketing products and systems I was fortunate to find a perfect fit that had all the benefits bundled together. I chose MLSP (My Lead System Pro). I highly recommend you take a look.

MLSP has one of the most powerful, lucrative, and innovative affiliate programs online today.

With MLSP, you can…

  • Build your own brand, and have your blog online in 1 click… SITES
  • Create your own funnels & offers that sell YOUR products… FUNNELIZER
  • Follow up with interested prospects with a professional customer relationship manager…CRM
  • Build your own e-mail ‘List’ by giving away done-for-you valuable trainings, gifts, PDF’s, and downloads
  • Get LIVE ongoing lead generation training from the best in the profession…
  • Access the MLSP community, which is the most supportive group of entrepreneurs & business owners online today…

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Donna M Sands,

Donna M Sands
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What If you could have “Black Friday” Everyday?

black friday

What If you could have “Black Friday” Everyday?

Imagine how your like would change if everyday was “Black Friday”! So was may ask exactly what the term “Black Friday” Means?

According to WikipediaBlack Friday is an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November, which has been regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term “Black Friday” did not become widely recognized or used until the 1980s or later in some regions.

Black Friday has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year with Cyber Monday gaining ground more and more each year. Cyber Monday stands for special online buying with great deals. Have you ever taken advantage of these special shopping deals?

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Now more than ever, you can make “Black Friday” everyday!

It’s no secret and many people are experiencing Black Friday everyday for themselves. and you can too.

Discover the inside secret?

Build your own branded business…similar to all the big box stores, Brand you! So what does that mean?

Let’s face it, we all know as you drive down any street you recognize signs very familiar to you. Golden arches, a red target, blue sign with yellow spikes. Of course, these would be McDonald’s, Target and Walmart. Ths signage and logo is their brands that we all know and love.

Not sure where to start Branding You and get your business going? Easy solution, Download your Free copy of “The Complete Guide for Newbies to Creating A Successful Business on the Net”. Click Below to Download.

black friday

The guide will provide you with the steps to get your business started and growing by Branding you. You may say ” I already have a website that my company provided for me”. Of course, many Network companies provide sites but the ability to customize is very limited. In addition, it is to promote the companies products, NOT YOU. There are many consequences why you what your visitors to know you, not just the products or services you are offering.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • People buy from people
  • Branding You allows you to become a respected authority
  • You can establish trust with your customers
  • Your company could go out of business, but you can continue
  • Imagine being branded others know you by name, rather than that person that sells a product

So back to making Black Friday everyday of the year. By learning the proper way to conduct business and sharing the benefits of your product or services you are able to build credibility, get more sales and build your financial future. Here is additional information that may help you with creating an incredible offer. Take a look, CLICK HERE.


Building your Brand will be beneficial to the overall growth of your business. Many feel they do not have the technical skills or knowledge to take on such a project. It is a good idea to follow other top earners on social media to get ideas on how you what to structure your brand.

Using a platform that has packaged all together can make this process so much easier. I highly recommend and actually use myself, MLSP My Lead System Pro. This platform is packed with all you need to get up and running easy. Step by step videos for building your website and ability to customize to your brand. In addition, tons of training, webinars, podcasts and virtual training products that you can sell for great commission. Included is also a Customer Relation Manager to track notes and conversations with your customers. A great support community is always available to help. CLICK HERE and start your FREE 14 day trial to see all the value.

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5 Resources to Build Your Business like All the Top Earners

5 Resources to Build Your Business

5 Resources to Build Your Business like All the Top Earners

Have you been searching for a legitimate online business only to find yourself skeptical and overwhelmed? Perhaps even; If you are like most people, you are concerned you may not have the technical skills needed to be successful? Are you secretly afraid of failure? Well, here are 5 Resources to Build Your Business like All the Top Earners!

Let’s be Honest…

Every entrepreneur has felt the same pains and was ready to quit sometime through their journey. I will admit it is not easy but the rewards are plentiful once you find success. Once I set myself up with these 5 Resources to Build Your Business, I starting seeing results.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, I am still working on my goals and finally starting to see my business take off. If you’ve ever been waiting for the right solution, you don’t have to wait any longer. I have done the research and found a perfect system that works for me.

The one key element is committing to yourself and never giving up. I have found investing in Education; Yes, it means time and money, to continually learn all that you can will lead you to the success you deserve.

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So let’s dive right in and take a look at the 5 Resources to Build Your Business that have helped my business thrive:

1) Personal Branding

Personal Branding means pretty much exactly that, Branding you! A successful personal brand will help build the “Know, Like, Trust” factor that is essential if you want to turn prospects into customers.

I recently took an online training course created by my friends Bill and Michelle Pescosolido. The training course is the most extensive Facebook Marketing course that teaches the exact methods most top earners use today in their own businesses.

So if you are looking to take your passion and build it into a profitable, money making business, then Social Media Branding Academy 2.0 is the only Facebook training you’ll ever need.

CLICK HERE to see all the value you will get in 20 Modules of training.

I have seen many Facebook Marketing trainings out there and Most are missing key components to set you up for success properly.

2) Email Autoresponder

Aweber – As an online marketer, an autoresponder like Aweber is a great way to manage your subscriber to keep in constant contact with them. This simple to use resource is a must have for any serious marketer. Features include:
Get your free email templates

  • Creating Lists
  • Email Scheduling
  • Subscriber Segmenting
  • Follow Up Series
  • Much More…

Email is perfect for keeping your brand top of mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or meet you in person.

3) Simple Sales Funnels

FUNNELIZER – Sales Funnels are one of your most valuable tools every online marketer needs, and has become a fan favorite amongst many top earners. Some other options are Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

Creating beautiful funnels and offers to ANYTHING you want: your business opportunity, your own products, your own coaching services… Heck, if you’re a realtor you can create capture pages and funnels to get more clients attracted to your listings… Be as creative as you can get, ANYTHING you want!

Funnelizer is a platform with the My Lead System Pro, a proprietary software. So easy to use, done for you customizable ready to go funnels.

FYI: Marketers pay hundreds of dollars PER MONTH just for this caliber of world-class technology & software.

4) Step-by-Step Training Videos

As I mentioned above, Education (training) is a key resource to your business success. This activity needs to be a part of any marketers daily routine. Whether it is, webinars, live events, reading relevant marketing materials or training videos.5 Resources to Build Your Business

The advantage to Step-by-Step videos is you have the option to pause the video, perform an action and then resume the process you are learning. I have found these types of videos invaluable when it comes to setting up a new process.

Let me ask you a simple question! Have you ever heard the saying, “What you don’t know, you don’t know“? Think about it. If you never learned something, you are not aware of it, right?

Let’s face it, learning online through a step-by-step video allows you to work at your own pace, in your own time.

Here is a small sample of training videos that can help you master a strategy to use in your business:

And on and on, there is ample online training available, but quality training is a must to make the best use of your time.

[bctt tweet=”Confidence comes from discipline and training.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki  username=”sandsonlinevent”]

5) Prospecting and Recruiting Skills

Wow, Recruiting and Prospecting is a powerful topic. And skills can take time to become proficient. Through training and consistent trial and error many top earners have found that sweet spot that worked for them.  The plain truth is, it takes time, dedication and developing your own style.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse, cause truthly it all starts with establishing your laser targeted audience for your niche. It makes to sense to prospect someone that has no interest in what you have to offer. Why waste your time or their time. Attraction Marketing is a great strategy to get you started. The Benefit of Attraction Marketing is to ATTRACT customers to you vs. having to pitch, chase, and cold-call!

Prospecting is establishing relationships. People join people, not just an opportunity. The key is to follow up with your lead. Everyone wants to feel special so hearing from you personally can seal the deal. Sharing your story with prospects is a great way to establish a relationship that they may be able to relate to. 5 Resources to Build Your Business

There are many other strategies as well to attract and prospect your perfect audience. Be sure to  LEAD WITH VALUE – give THEM what THEY want! (and you will profit!). Learn more from this Prospecting Playbook.


So let’s talk recruiting! You have attracted interested prospects and built a relationship with them. Now they feel they know, like and trust you. You have been honest, shared your story and they know you are a real person. By asking them closed ended questions you are ready to introduce your offer. Closed ended questions simply require a Yes or No answer. Some examples may be:

  • Does this opportunity sound like it would help you reach the financial goals you mentioned?
  • Would you agree that this opportunity would allow you to no longer need to chase after friends and family and focus on leads that are interested in joining your business?
  • So do you think generating 8-10 laser targeted leads per day would help grow your business?

Using closed ended questions, of course you are looking for “Yes” answers. But should you hear a “No” that’s fine. Go back to revisit some of the communication you exchanged in establishing your relationship. Reiterate the pain or problem they shared with you. Listening closely is key.

Closing the Recruit

Now you are ready to set up the closing and help your new recruit join your business. Assuming you have received a “Yes” answer to your close ended questions move forward by saying:

“Great! So here’s what we are going to do. I’m going to send you a link for the system trial and together we’ll walk through the set up to get you up and running right away so you can start generating leads and making more money!”

Literally walk them through the set up rather than just sending them the link. This is a fool proof way to know they follow through, see the screens and understand the process. BOOM, you got a new customer.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to LEARN MORE


Did you find these resources helpful? These are just some of the resources I and many other top earner entrepreneurs use daily in our businesses. Many of us use of system the includes:

  • Professional Blog Platform
  • World Class CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Simple Sales Funnels
  • Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • Plug-and-Play System
  • Split Testing Capture Pages
  • Simple Set-up
  • And Much More

Imagine having so many resources all in one place for easy access. All the training is specifically designed to help you utilize the tools, trainings and software to build the business of your dreams! Learn More about the system.

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Donna M Sands,

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How To Learn Attraction Marketing Like A Top Earner

Learn Attraction Marketing

Are you ready to learn attraction marketing to build your business and soar like the top earners do it. If you are a Network Marketer, Small Business Owner and Brick and Mortar Business you are in the right place to get the best training and learn attraction marketing from many of the top producers in the industry.

Imagine yourself being a magnetic force that attracts people to you and respects your content knowledge and authority in the marketing arena. Do you think that would significantly boost your business? I think you would agree it most definitely would.

So what if you have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and learn how to Attract High Quality Prospects Daily, Brand YOU to Build Influence with Thousands, and Recruit More Reps to Build the Home Business of Your Dreams.

Opportunity is knocking on your door. Get the full details on a special event you want to get in on.

40 Top Producers Unite to Reveal How They Leverage the Power of the Internet to Grow Your Audience, Influence, and Income!

Here are some facts that students have been taught to dominate the past 10 years…

  • The world’s biggest brands in the home business profession are combining ‘Attraction Marketing’ principles with the power & leverage of the internet.
  • In addition to traditional offline time-tested strategies, YES you really can ATTRACT customers and reps to you every single day through the internet & social media.
  • Right Here you can join forces with the biggest influencers and the best of the best to prove once and for all that ‘Attraction Marketing’ is the future of Network Marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. Learning attraction marketing is the same concept of Attraction Marketing the right way can explode your business.

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Attraction Marketing Examples

  • Become a trusted advisor:

Attraction Marketing works, because you are starting with the customers’ needs in mind. But beyond that, you aren’t only thinking of their problems, but use problem solving, Posing, strategies, and answering their problem questions before they even know you, or choose to do business with you. You’re giving solutions to their issues.

  • Start teaching:

Teaching establishes you as an expert in your niche. It demonstrates your credentials, without you having to flaunt them which no one likes, anyway. And it helps you build Trust and relationships with the exact people that need your help. You already have valuable information to share.

  • Answer questions online:

Today, people are asking most of their questions on the Internet. So if you’re in the business of answering questions, you should be doing it where the questions are being asked. Go into groups, forums, google, yahoo answers, linkedin and wikihow.

  •  Provide less data, but more insight.

It’s important to remember that people don’t need more information. You can be inundated with information. What they need is an easy-to-understand break down of the information already available. Demonstrating the big picture of the information. Or demonstrating a step-by-step approach to the valuable information can be incredibly helpful to the people out there.

Special Invite to the Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit

Here is your special invite to the Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit that can change everything for you and your business. Every Network Marketer and Business Owner needs to get registered and learn attraction marketing and the various techniques.

Over the next 10 days of this FREE Virtual Summit you are going to learn directly from top producers in the field who are actively attracting quality people, growing their audience and influence, branding themselves, building relationships, and growing successful 6, 7 and even 8 figure business all with the power of the internet.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to learn from the best marketers in the world?

Then you are going to LOVE this! Because I have your free ticket to one of the largest online training events of the year!

Simply Click Here below to get your…FREE ALL ACCESS PASS!

Feel free to Like, Comment and Share this post. Get your FREE All access pass today, I know you will Love the valuable information. Wishing you much Success.

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Learn Attraction Marketing

Benefits of Selling Top Tier Products

Top Tier Products

Benefits of Selling Top Tier Products

Everyday there are literally millions of people all over the world searching both online and offline for a way out of their normal nine-to-five grind. For many of these people a home business is very appealing to them and they begin to research and explore the internet looking for opportunities. During their search they will find opportunities to sell top tier products or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) products.

If you have ever typed into a search engine “Home Business” or “Make Money Online” you will quickly realize that there is an absolutely overwhelming amount of information and so called ‘opportunities’ that present themselves. This can very intense and extremely confusing. It is hard for you to decide on which path to take and also if that is a good choice and fit for you.

A lot of people get involved with MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunities in which, most often, you will spend more on the costs of advertising and creating traffic than what you receive in the small commissions earned. This isn’t going to set you up for a full time home business.

Most often as well, many opportunities do not provide adequate training, coaching or mentoring or support help. You may get company updates about congratulate Susie and Joe for just hitting their six figure goal! REALLY!!

This leaves you frustrated, confused and ready to quit. Now, let’s talk about a solution that will take away those headaches.

Top Tier Products

Top Tier Business Opportunities

If you haven’t come across this before, top tier products means selling high ticket products as opposed to lower cost products consequential requiring more sales as well as much lower commissions.

Normally a top tier product would cost from around $2000+ per sale. It would be something that if you sold just 1 0r 2 a week it would potentially replace your current income.

[bctt tweet=”When you chose to sell a top tier business opportunity there are two really attractive benefits:” username=”sandsonlinevent”]

  • Value
    The quality of the products you are selling is going to be a lot higher and the value it will give the buyers will attract repeat business. This is an essential part of selling high-ticket items, as the higher cost demands a higher quality product which provides AMAZING value.
  • Commission 
    Obviously the commission you receive from selling high ticket products is going to be high. You don’t have to run around trying to find hundreds of buyers. You will soon be able to replace your current income and enjoy working from the comfort of your own home, being your own boss!

Now I am not just saying all of this for fun. I have experienced first hand the success of selling a top tier business opportunity and in the past have been involved in several MLM businesses which came with a lot of hard work and very little benefits or rewards.

Lets Do Some Maths

Lets say you have an ebook that you are selling for $7. If you sell 100 copies that would earn you $700 – not a bad amount of money but how long will it take you to sell 100 items?

Now lets say your income goal is $7,000. To meet this goal you are going to be looking at selling 1000 copies of your ebook and that is without taking into account any costs you may incur advertising your product!

What if you double the price of the ebook? Let assume realistically you sell 10 copies of a $10 ebook:

10 x $10 = $100 (Not great I think you’ll agree)

Now, what if you sold just 1 of a $4,000 high-ticket item that earned you 50% commissions:

1 x ($4,000 / 2) = $2,000 (This is from just 1 sale)

Annually this equates to $24,000. Could you replace your full time monthly income with $2,000? Maybe not but it would sure take the sting out of any financial difficulties you may (or may not) have. More importantly, this one sale per month can be reinvested in traffic to generate further sales!

What if you managed 5 sales per month:

5 x ($4,000 / 2) = $10,000

Now we are getting serious but that’s still only 5 sales PER MONTH.

You’d have to sell 1,000 $10 ebooks to make that kind of money. That’s 33 per day, every day. Not very realistic I think you’ll agree.

Conclusion To Selling Top Tier Products:

My Business Opportunity is MLSP (My Lead System Pro). Click Here to Learn More. Selling Top Tier Products definitely is the way to go to reach your goals and provide quality virtual products to your customers. The benefits of MLSP well out weighs the support and commissions you receive from any MLM.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a revolutionary “done-for-you” marketing system, that makes it extremely simple to build your Brand and start you business off right. Through the training courses to the coaching and team support you can get on the fast track quickly. Top Tier sales is just another way of describing a business that sells premium quality products, for high prices, and offers very large commissions per sale. You may also hear us refer to high ticket sales as well. These two terms are essentially the same thing.

Some of the key features of the MLSP marketing system include:

  • Get a Coach – Grow Your Business
  • LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training
  • The MLSP Community
  • Funnelizer-Easily create custom capture pages, sales pages, funnels, and offers that brand YOU and sell YOUR products & services.
  • The MLSP SITES Blogging Platform
  • The MLSP CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Top Tier Products

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Top Tier Products
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How To Build A Home Business As An Affiliate Marketer

Have you come to a point in life that you have needs to feel more fulfilled or generate additional income? Becoming an Affiliate Marketer may be the option that is a best fit for you.

  • Are you tired of your current work setting and need to find a new way to earn money and help other?
  • Are you retired or are you thinking about retiring soon and know you need to supplement your income?
  • Has working online in a home business been on your list of things to look into?

Building a Home Business comes with some challenges but has proven that becoming an affiliate marketer can meet or exceed your expectations.

Affiliate Marketer

What is An Affiliate Marketer?

An Affiliate Marketer partners with another company to sell their products or services through online promotions and sales. In turn, the company will pay you a commission for any product that you sell. Affiliate Marketing relieves you of the stress of creating your own products. All the work is done for you with tools available for you to begin marketing right away. Most companies offer all the training, promotional ads and different strategies to use to get yourself know in the marketplace. To be an affiliate in online marketing means that you will need to invest time and some money into getting your business setup and started.

All marketers have to pay some money upfront to get the system and tools needed to get started. Partnering with a successful company means all the tools will be given to you, along with training step by step. This means that a website, sales funnel and any other tools are ready to use after you customize them to establish YOU as a Brand.

How do I Find A Company To Partner with as an Affiliate?

By doing diligent research you want to look for companies that have a good reputation online. Be aware that you may find negative comments of a company claiming they are robbers or scammers. often these postings come from other companies having little or no reputation of success. So just be open minded about what your research may reveal. You will find many top companies, such as Apple Computers, Walmart or Starbucks have negative reports online, but we all continue to shop there. Do your due diligence by reading testimonials from other affiliates in that company.

[bctt tweet=”Affiliate Marketing is a Good Place to Start Building An Home Business!” username=”sandsonlinevent”]

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Companies

When I made the decision to start building a home online business, I did my research. I had come from a professional executive career and unexpectedly was laid off due to a company reorganization. I was not quite ready for retirement but I was mindful about preparing for it. I also needed at least a comparable income that I was accustomed to in order to continue to sustain my lifestyle. I made the decision that I loved the idea of working from home, being my own boss and having the potential to earn money and help others by teaching them how they could also be successful in a home business.

So I did my due diligence, searching companies online, attended free live seminars to learn as much as I could before making my final decision. I have since partnered with two successful companies and become an affiliate marketer.

  • MLSP – My Lead System Pro is an Business Platform for every online marketer. Tools available are ready to customize WordPress website, training step by step on a large amount of subject matter. A customer relation manager to track all correspondence and follow up with clients and prospects. Weekly webinars and annual conference and so much more.
  • MOBE – My Online Business Education is exactly as it says. Business Education in all areas, how to market their done for you products, Attraction Marketing, how to utilize all social media outlets effectively. And the great thing is the one on one coaching from top tier earners.

I have been extremely happy working with both these companies and have never look back on my decision. I have met and work closely with many 6 and 7 figure earners that are always willing to help with questions. Both have private Facebook groups where you can interact, establish relationships and continue your education.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I am always here to help. Use me for support and Join my Team. Take a look around my website to get a small sample of the training and tools available. If you like contact me through Facebook or Comment on this post for a Free Trial inside either of these systems.

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P.S.S. Looking for Free Valuable information on Starting or Growing Your Home Business? Attend a 2 hour IM Freedom Workshop in your area for a one on one introduction to an amazing home business opportunity, Click Here for a location near you!

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Effective Blogging

Effective Blogging – So What Is Blogging All About?                                                               Donna Sands Blog

In today’s Online world, blogging, videos and podcasts get more attention from web surfers. Sure, Facebook Posts, YouTube videos, Twitter, Linked In Posts all get their fair amount of attention, but frankly are you getting your message out to all your target market and ultimately making money? People like to get to know you, see you before they make a decision to invest and respect you as an expert in your niche. Effective Blogging has proven to be more to help followers interact with you as a trusted expert. With that said, I can hear you saying I know nothing about putting together a blog, that’s so far from my realm of knowledge. Well, my friends, it really isn’t, there is no reason to let technology to get in your way if you are truly serious. The easiest and fasted way to get started is to contract out the building of your blog. There are online firms where you can contract a freelancer to set up a domain that you choose, install a Content Management System (CMS), and install the anti-spam, backup, SEO plugins for the site. I do recommend WordPress as the CMS to use due to how easy you can add the content. Here are some companies you may want to consider for freelancers to assist you:, and Screening for a freelancer should be considered carefully. You most likely want to look for someone that has a fair or higher rating, is at least intermittent level and pricing which can always be negotiated. It is best to have ideas in mind to help get the project started but most freelancers, if experienced enough may be able to help with suggestions and keep you updated throughout the project.

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