How to Create Your Personal Brand

How to Create Your Personal Brand

Create Your Personal Brand

Have you ever heard Create Your Personal Brand to be successful in the Marketing Business? So what does this mean and how do you Create Your Personal Brand?

Building a personal brand means providing so much value in one (or multiple) niche(s) that people begin to associate your name with the idea of what it means to be successful in that industry.

Creating your Personal Brand allows you to invite people to know, like and trust you. What this means, is by sharing your mission, core values and vision with them they will respect you as an authority and follow your training and offers.

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There are a few key points to consider when getting started to Create your personal brand:

  • Determine your focus and personality
  • Choose a brand name. This can be your own name or catchy business name.
  • Decide on a tagline or slogan that best represents what you stand for.
  • Choose colors and fonts for your Brand.
  • Perhaps create a logo, not absolutely necessary if your just getting started.
  • Use a good photo of yourself, smiling and looking directly into the camera.
  • Create a banner or image to share across all platforms you intend to promote your brand.

Your overall goal should be to get your Brand and all the items listed above seen by the masses. By seeing your face, tagline and staying congruent on all platforms, this will help you grow your Brand quickly.

To learn more on how to get started, I highly suggest joining the Social Media Branding Academy presented by Bill and Michelle Pescosolido.

Creating Your Personal Brand

This is a proven, step by step course like no other out there that takes the time to teach you everything you need from building a solid foundation for your business to advanced strategies that will create a long term sustainable business.

What You Get When Your Join Social Media Branding Academy 2.0

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I have personally taken this course and have seen tremendous results in my business. The step by step detail definitely over delivers. Imagine having a coach sitting beside you throughout every step making it so easy. The best part is I have grown my FB Likes to over 1400 and have sales coming in weekly. Since implementing these marketing strategies the potential for growth is definitely in my future. And with a 30 day money back guarantee there is truly no risk involved.

Creating Your Personal Brand

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