Pictures Can Say It All ~ Make Sure They Get Seen

Pictures Can Say It All

Pictures Can Say It All – Make Sure They Get Seen

What does that mean “Pictures Can Say It all”? How do you accomplish making sure your pictures get seen?

One example that clearly defines that pictures can say it all is One of the most famous photographs in the world of a young girl running, naked, her face contorted in pain and fear as the blast of napalm highlights the background. The horror of the Vietnam war.

Why? Because the picture displayed the horror without any words to describe. It sparked curiosity to read more.

It’s Time To Use Image Optimization or Image SEO

  • Imagine if you will, you’ve gone through the effort to create the right product, buy the ideal domain name, paid Pictures Can Say It All for marketing ads, and launched the perfect website.
  • So, why isn’t traffic to your site what you want it to be?
  • You need to make sure your buyers can find your product. One way to do this is through Image Optimization, or Image SEO.


Choose A Descriptive Filename

  • According to most experts in the SEO field, Keywords appear to be the end all of SEO.
  • Primary Keywords, secondary Keywords, Google “Keyword” and the list of sources of info will probably go on forever.
  • With Image SEO the first location to use your primary keyword will be the image filename.

Make The Image File As Small As Reasonably Possible

  • This can be done to cut loading time.
  • Standard resolution for a screen image is 72ppi and most web pages won’t need an image to be more that 1000-1200 pixels wide.

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Alt Text – a.k.a. – Alt Tags

  • When you finally get to the point where you are ready to upload your image, you will often be given an option to add “alt text” or “alt tags.” This is another good place to use keywords.
  • In a Google article about image publishing guidelines, they include a heading “Create great alt text” with a quick video to accompany it. Google places a fairly high value on alt texts.

Some Points To Consider, Re: Alt Text or Alt Tags

In the article, they give the following reasons to consider: Google Search Alt Text

1) It provides Google with useful information about the subject matter of the image.

2) Many people, like users with visual impairments, may not be able to see images on web pages. Descriptive alt text provides these users with important information.

This additional step also allows a consumer to see descriptive text of the product on the rare occasion when the image doesn’t load.


  • In most e-commerce catalog pages, the product is shown in a specific place on the page that doesn’t overlap any other image or text. JPEG images are most commonly used for this. I’m adding this quick highlight in case a need arises for you to remove the background of a photo.

JPEG images include a visible background showing behind any curves or irregular lines. If you’ve taken the trouble to remove the background of the photo of a product, but save it as a JPEG (JPG), you will still be stuck with a background color when you re-open it.

When To Use PNG

PNGs allow you to make the background transparent so it can be used over any color, texture or other text.

This can be helpful if you decide to show multiple products in one virtual shot but don’t have the means to retake the photo.

Conclusion: Images Are Essential Tools Of Our Culture and The World Around Us

Taking the time to Incorporate these into your regular marketing routine can assist your product’s ability to be seen in your customers searches and get you the traffic you desire.

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