6 Strategies to Overcome the Fear of Failure

6 Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Fear of FailureHonestly, is fear of failure in anything we do in our lives, the end of the world. I don’t think so. Failure is a learning experience and odds are with most people they will not fail without getting something out of it. That’s not to say failure may not happen again, but it may manifest in another experience, another learning experience. So don’t sweat the Fear of Failure, it makes you better every time you try.

Here are 6 strategies to help you stop your fear of failure sucking the life out of you, and use it to succeed:

1. Accept yourself

When you fight something you give it power, and trying to control your fear will make it stronger. Instead, when you feel it, close your eyes and look inwards. Use a little acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Stop judging and start feeling and observing what’s happening in your body.

Detach yourself slightly from what’s going on and just observe what you feel and where you feel it. Is it a cold lump in your stomach? Is it pressure in your head? If you do this for a minute or two you’ll feel a sense of calm acceptance, and the power will deflate. With practice, you’ll begin to think “that’s just my fear of failure”, and be able to move on.

2. Control your thoughts

We all have random, crazy thoughts that pop into our minds from time to time but we dismiss them because they’re really wacky. The problem is that we don’t do the same for more reasonable, but unhelpful thoughts.

The next time you get one of those thoughts defuse it so you can let it go. Pretend you’re dealing with an unhelpful teenager and tell it, “Thanks, mind”, then move on to a more positive thought.

This also helps if you start thinking “I can’t do this”. You can simply thank your mind for the thought and then consciously ask yourself “HOW can I do this?” Changing the statement to a question will put your brain into a problem-solving mode so you’re more likely to come up with solutions.

3. Find your triggers

Do certain situations trigger negative thoughts and feelings? Maybe checking your Facebook feed is discouraging because everyone seems so successful. Maybe being around certain people makes you feel inadequate.

If you notice patterns like this then take steps to stop doing those things, or being around those people. If you can’t stop immediately, take steps to withdraw. For example, if your job gets you down and you can’t leave immediately, put an exit strategy in place. Start an active campaign to leave the workplace and begin something new.

Taking the steps to get out of negative situations will give you a feeling of control, and boost your confidence.

4. Believe in yourself

Feeling overwhelmed by your goals? Convinced you’re not good enough to take on the world? Try focusing on the here and now. Pay attention to little things you can achieve today and ignore the big picture for now.

Long-term plans can overwhelm everyone, the trick is to make sure it doesn’t immobilize you. Focus on the piece of the project that you can achieve now. Believe that you’ll be ready for each step as it arrives.

5. Appreciate yourself

Start an appreciation diary. This is similar to a gratitude diary but different. Each day list three or more things that you’re proud of. This is a place to note all the things you’ve done well – a way of congratulating yourself.

Practice patting yourself on the back, to reinforce the things you’re pleased about and you’ll start to feel stronger and more successful.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

6. Question the ‘signs’

Don’t wonder if the universe is trying to send you a ‘sign’. Things are what they are – we add meaning that’s often not there. The weird thing is that we don’t do it over the day to day stuff. If your favorite coffee shop is closed for renovations you don’t think it’s a sign that you should give up coffee.

You just go somewhere else for coffee. So apply the same mindset to other setbacks you experience. Don’t think of them as a sign from the universe.

There is a plot twist in your story, not a sign you’re on the wrong path. Ignore them and stick to your dreams.

Use these tools and release your fear of failure and start your path to success today. I know that you can do it. I BELIEVE in you, and so do you. Failure is NOT an option, it is a choice. What do you choose?

How has the fear of failure stopped you? How do you get past your fear? Only you can decide your fate, and the rest of the world moves forward……?

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10 Tips To Success

happiness10 Tips To Success

These Tips to Success are attributed to a recent Steve Harvey show I watched where he interviewed several millionaires. Each had stories from rags to riches. I know just what you are thinking, “Oh they all have their big stories”. Well frankly, I find these stories intriguing and believable. Admit it, we all have had tough times in our lives and being able to pick yourself up and push on, let alone become a millionaire is inspiring.

I know there are lots of skeptics out there that feel these types of success stories are scams, so I ask you to open your mind and consider it just might be possible to change your life, if you want it bad enough. I believe I will succeed because failure is not an option. All of the information shared on the show is exactly in line with what I have been learning and trained to get my business growing.

Here are the 10 Tips to Success:

  1. Believe What you See (Imagination)

Imagine what your life would look like if you never had to worry about money again. What would you do? Buy a new home, car, or boat. Would you vacation, feel stress free to cover college expenses for your kids, help your family and friends that may be having hard times? You have the freedom to make those decisions.

2. Find Mentors

Aligning yourself with like minded people is invaluable. A mentor will honestly give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. To be the best you can be, you need that critique to get it right.

3. Show Gratitude

Abandon the blame and shame of your past life experiences. The past can not be changed so continuing to carry and hold on to or place blame is useless energy. Use that energy in a positive way and you will succeed.

4. Don’t follow a parked car

What does that mean? It means follow the habits of successful people. An example that was shared is “Does a dog chase a parked car?” Of course not. dogs chase moving cars, so follow people on the move.

5. Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Showing your confidence attracts people. Being arrogant turns people off and away from you. Staying confident and positive in all areas of your life is the absolute road to success.

6. Start Small

To truly succeed, become an expert in one strategy at a time will help you to build the confidence you need. You will run into obstacles but you will be able to push through them and easily keep moving forward and then be ready to tackle the next strategy.

7. Be Accountable

Take control of any situation that arises in your business. Find a resolution and react to correct any issue and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help from time to time.

8. Stay in the Game

Set your mind that failure is not an option. This mindset keeps on track to your success. There are many things you can do to remind you of your vision and reasons you want success. Never quit.

9. Remove the word “CAN’T” from your Vocabulary

This tip is similar to several listed above. Be a sponge, taking in information from others, whether it is positive or negative. This will help you learn how to talk with others about what you do for a living. Flipping a conversation from negative to positive can be life changing.

10. Believe

Lastly, always Believe in yourself and your success. Never lose sight of your ultimate vision. It is there waiting for you, just reach out and accept it.

Donna Here to Help

Donna Sands, Always here to help