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In today’s Online world, blogging, videos and podcasts get more attention from web surfers. Sure, Facebook Posts, YouTube videos, Twitter, Linked In Posts all get their fair amount of attention, but frankly are you getting your message out to all your target market and ultimately making money? People like to get to know you, see you before they make a decision to invest and respect you as an expert in your niche. Effective Blogging has proven to be more to help followers interact with you as a trusted expert. With that said, I can hear you saying I know nothing about putting together a blog, that’s so far from my realm of knowledge. Well, my friends, it really isn’t, there is no reason to let technology to get in your way if you are truly serious. The easiest and fasted way to get started is to contract out the building of your blog. There are online firms where you can contract a freelancer to set up a domain that you choose, install a Content Management System (CMS), and install the anti-spam, backup, SEO plugins for the site. I do recommend WordPress as the CMS to use due to how easy you can add the content. Here are some companies you may want to consider for freelancers to assist you: Upwork.com, Elance.com and Fiverr.com. Screening for a freelancer should be considered carefully. You most likely want to look for someone that has a fair or higher rating, is at least intermittent level and pricing which can always be negotiated. It is best to have ideas in mind to help get the project started but most freelancers, if experienced enough may be able to help with suggestions and keep you updated throughout the project.

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