5 Ways To Generate Multiple Income Streams

Multiple Income Streams

5 Ways To Generate Multiple Income Streams

Most likely you have heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. This is truly a sensible saying that can relate to many aspects of your life. Let’s primarily focus on generating Multiple Income Streams.

It’s hard to rely on a 9-5 job for your entire livelihood with layoffs and pay cuts always right around the corner. With multiple streams of income, on the other hand, you can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket – and use multiple streams of income to grow rich.

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I am an Online Internet Marketer and can honestly tell you horrible experiences with Network and Affiliate Companies that either were shutdown or did not offer support and training to help you grow a business. You must have the determination and a positive mindset to grow and build your business. There ARE great companies with great products that can help you build a brighter financial future.

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After years of experience, and yes, failures that taught me lessons, I was able to find the perfect match of Multiple Income Streams to exceed the income from my traditional 9-5 job.

Here are some Strategies You Must Consider:

1. Brand Yourself!

So what exactly does that mean? Imagine you are driving down the street and see in the distance golden arches. Now most of us know that stands for McDonald’s fast-food restaurant. Those golden arches represent their Brand and are easily recognized worldwide.

So to build your Brand online would mean a photo, logo or image of YOU. Learn more about Branding You in my recent blog post, How to Create Your Personal Brand.

2. Offer a service or sell something

The plain truth is simply started by selling other people’s products through affiliate or network marketing. This is the fastest way to generate an income stream without having to reinvent the wheel. Let’s face it, more and more people are turning to buying online every day.

Let me ask you a simple question? What hobby do you have a passion for? Maybe photography, gardening or financial planning. You can start your online business by sharing your passion, selling your service or products.

Virtual Business education is exploding in the online marketplace. You and many other online business owners simply can’t afford to not have in your arsenal to find success. Learn More on Business Education, Click Here.

3. Invest, Learn and Teach

Invest in yourself by learning best business practices in the online arena. Learn the proper way to use social media outlets and master them one at a time. Share and Teach others through social media to gain leverage and become a credible authority.

The plain truth is, this may sound too hard or overwhelming. And honestly, I will tell you it can be at times. You will learn early on the importance of mindset and setting goals. If you are serious and determined, stick to your goals and your future will change by keeping your eye on that end result.

4. Work With A Coach or Mentor

Working with a Coach or Mentor you get the facts, the cold hard facts. The advantage of their experience of what works and what doesn’t is invaluable. But that is not to say just because it did not work for them it won’t work for you. The time, online environment and individual personalities could make a difference. Remember, YOU are Branding YOU and seeking the experience of someone that is seeing success.

5. Join Social Media Groups

By joining groups you can easily interact with like-minded people. You can share what you have learned and resulted in success. Many top earners are open to sharing and answering questions you may be struggling with. It’s a great place to learn about Multiple Income Streams that may interest you.


Setting yourself up with Multiple Income Streams can be a saving grace in the event an affiliate or network marketing experiences problems. This can ensure you continually have a steady stream of monthly income to support your family and financial obligations.

There are even essential resources that most marketers find vital to keep their business growing that you can sign up to become an affiliate for free. The commissions may be small but can also add up over time. Here are a few resources you may want to consider:

  • Canva – Professional Image Design
  • Aweber – Email Autoresponder
  • Amazon – Refer a Book and earn a commission
  • Clickfunnels – Create Landing Pages
  • And so Many More

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Pictures Can Say It All ~ Make Sure They Get Seen

Pictures Can Say It All

Pictures Can Say It All – Make Sure They Get Seen

What does that mean “Pictures Can Say It all”? How do you accomplish making sure your pictures get seen?

One example that clearly defines that pictures can say it all is One of the most famous photographs in the world of a young girl running, naked, her face contorted in pain and fear as the blast of napalm highlights the background. The horror of the Vietnam war.

Why? Because the picture displayed the horror without any words to describe. It sparked curiosity to read more.

It’s Time To Use Image Optimization or Image SEO

  • Imagine if you will, you’ve gone through the effort to create the right product, buy the ideal domain name, paid Pictures Can Say It All for marketing ads, and launched the perfect website.
  • So, why isn’t traffic to your site what you want it to be?
  • You need to make sure your buyers can find your product. One way to do this is through Image Optimization, or Image SEO.


Choose A Descriptive Filename

  • According to most experts in the SEO field, Keywords appear to be the end all of SEO.
  • Primary Keywords, secondary Keywords, Google “Keyword” and the list of sources of info will probably go on forever.
  • With Image SEO the first location to use your primary keyword will be the image filename.

Make The Image File As Small As Reasonably Possible

  • This can be done to cut loading time.
  • Standard resolution for a screen image is 72ppi and most web pages won’t need an image to be more that 1000-1200 pixels wide.

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Alt Text – a.k.a. – Alt Tags

  • When you finally get to the point where you are ready to upload your image, you will often be given an option to add “alt text” or “alt tags.” This is another good place to use keywords.
  • In a Google article about image publishing guidelines, they include a heading “Create great alt text” with a quick video to accompany it. Google places a fairly high value on alt texts.

Some Points To Consider, Re: Alt Text or Alt Tags

In the article, they give the following reasons to consider: Google Search Alt Text

1) It provides Google with useful information about the subject matter of the image.

2) Many people, like users with visual impairments, may not be able to see images on web pages. Descriptive alt text provides these users with important information.

This additional step also allows a consumer to see descriptive text of the product on the rare occasion when the image doesn’t load.


  • In most e-commerce catalog pages, the product is shown in a specific place on the page that doesn’t overlap any other image or text. JPEG images are most commonly used for this. I’m adding this quick highlight in case a need arises for you to remove the background of a photo.

JPEG images include a visible background showing behind any curves or irregular lines. If you’ve taken the trouble to remove the background of the photo of a product, but save it as a JPEG (JPG), you will still be stuck with a background color when you re-open it.

When To Use PNG

PNGs allow you to make the background transparent so it can be used over any color, texture or other text.

This can be helpful if you decide to show multiple products in one virtual shot but don’t have the means to retake the photo.

Conclusion: Images Are Essential Tools Of Our Culture and The World Around Us

Taking the time to Incorporate these into your regular marketing routine can assist your product’s ability to be seen in your customers searches and get you the traffic you desire.

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How to Start Branding “YOU” from Scratch

In yesterday’s Blog post and Facebook Live I talked about Brand “YOU” rather than promoting youBrand Your products and services. Well, I received a lot of feedback asking how do I get started Branding myself? Let’s go through some ideas to get you started.

Every internet marketer has different opinions and strategies they use. The majority start by using Facebook due to the fact that the number of eyes to see YOU is highly increased then other social media outlets. So, let’s focus on Facebook first. Building your Brand through Facebook first, begins your focus with the biggest

If you are not already a Facebook user, set up a personal account by going to Facebook.com and sign up. If you already have a Facebook account, create a Business/Fan page to begin Branding “YOU”. Login to your personal Facebook page and and follow these steps. (See Below) To create you Business/Fan page click on the drop down arrow in the top corner of your personal page and select create page. Now you have a new page to build your fan business page.

Fan Page

Start by adding a professional photo of yourself and a cover photo that is clear and concise about you and your business. Maybe even a family photo or beautiful scenery picture. Stay away from using photos of the products you sell or service you offer. If you have a tagline share it, if not that is fine.

Next complete the “About” section as thoroughly as you possibly can. To be a credible authority, people want to know about you. Your education, where you live, life events, be willing to share.

Begin posting positive, inspirational pictures and quotes. You can get free photos or build your own from Canva.com. Keep all your postings positive and motivational. Stay away from posting links to what you are promoting to avoid looking spammy. Talk about how what you can do to benefit your visitors. Keep it REAL, share your struggles and how you over came them. What do you stand for and why are you here? Share your core values and what you are all about.

This is just the beginning. We can discuss additional attributives in another post. Wanna learn more about mastering Branding, Public Relations and Social Media, Click Here to check it out!

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5 Tips to Create Quality Images

Creating Quality Images to attract and compel people to click on your post can be challenging and even down right frustrating….Do you agree? Creating quality images on social media outlets or blogs can be one of the toughest parts of managing your business. Of course, there are some great free or inexpensive sites (Canva, Pexel) that can be used to create quality images but it does take creativity to compel someone to stop and click. And that’s what you want, to attract attention to your post and CLICK. You have to consider font, colors and elements to stand out and get that click. Challenging to say the least and a creative thought process. What will appeal to your target audience?

Graphics are an important part of  communication in your business. They build Brand Impact and Recognition. Effective images are a crucial part to your marketing strategies. A good starting point of effective images is to identify the essential components to attract your target audience. Once this is accomplished, anything is possible.Tips Create Images

1) Graphics must be Correctly Sized

Each social media site and website has different image size requirements. If your image looks stretched or skewed in anyway, your visitors may not be attracted and respect you as a professional. Here are the optimum images sizes for most popular social media as of this date, but you can always stay updated by visiting Sprout Social for updates:






1200 X 630

1024 X 512

1080 X 1080

800 X 800

800 X 1200

2) Graphics must Stand Out – Be Striking

Have you ever gone to your Facebook feed and scrolls through all the posts and you lightly browse and don’t take the time to click, unless something stands out to attract your attention. You must make an impact with an image that stands out and breaks up the feed. The goal is to make your readers stop and take notice.

To ensure your image is striking here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t use a corporate stock image
  • Do ask is it relative to my topic and audience?
  • Do make sure the image has a bold focal point
  • Do use images that are clear and easy to view
  • Be different – don’t use the same images as others in your niche

3) People Graphic Show Show Smiling Faces

Happy people looking directly at the camera is key. People are fascinated by people smiling and happy. When you look at people, don’t you like that they are looking back at you?

4) Keywords Identify the Audience and Grab Attention

 The text you use in your image must do three things:

  • Grab the attention of your audience
  • Carry the audience’s attention to the next part of your message
  • Convince the audience there is some personal benefit in your content

5) Images Must be Relevant to Your Brand and Audience

  • Are the images relevant to your Brand?
  • Do your images relate to your niche?
  • Is it obvious that viewing your image what product or service you are promoting?

Text based images can be very effective and easily shared my your audience. Having a clickable link is highly effective. Even with the powerful tools available, like Canva and Pexel, the tips listed above provide how to create powerful quality images. You can create attractive images, but if you don’t utilize the available tools, such as font style, text formatting, even borders, your image may not accomplish the goal to stand out to your audience.

Although it may sound difficult, it’s really very simple. A bit of planning and creativity and make the difference so that your image POPS out, and people stop and Click.

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