Here’s The #1 Way To Survive A Storm – And I Can Prove It!

Have you ever been faced with the problem of how to survive a storm? Regardless of what the problem we define as a storm, all kinds of emotions can take over. There can be storms of struggle, from cancer, severe depression, drug addictions, alcoholism, even writers block for professionals. To survive a storm comes a good opportunity to build strength and stability within ourselves. As promised, I will provide the #1 way to survive a little later on and I CAN prove it. After your struggle in a storm comes a calmness and fulfillment that can change your life.

surviving a storm

Each individual will take a different path to survive a storm. Every human feels emotions in a different way, with different solutions. Finding your solution may be painful but can be well worth the venture.

I wanted to share with you my recent personal story that prompted me to write this blog. On October 7, 2016, the east coast of Florida was impacted by a major Category 4 Hurricane Matthew. Living in Cocoa Beach, considered to be a barrier island, mandatory evacuations were issued. I began preparation to secure my home and get together all the necessary supplies, needed to survive a storm. Even though news coverage and area authorities were stressing the need to leave the island due to this deadly storm, I was reluctant to leave my home. Now normally I respond quickly and take heed to this warnings, but I had just returned home from a month away. So I made my plan to secure everything and set up my safe place in the center of the house, a downstairs shower. I laid down comforters and padded with lots of pillows, flashlights, radio and a good book to read. A must read, click here to get your copy Ray Higdon, Vibrational Money Immersion.

So I settled in and soon heard the winds start to howl and rain beating hard on the glass doors. As it became louder and louder, I resisted going to take a peak at the window. I could hear objects flying and loud crashes but it was just to dangerous, I couldn’t do anything now. Hours went by and the howling wind and rain was relentless. Crashing and banging off and on, I was so numb and surrounded by a violent force that I just had to wait it out. To say I was scared and feared my life is an understatement. I admitted I had made a huge mistake by not heeded the warning to evacuate. A few more hours past and finally the wind and rain began to subside, I worked up enough courage to peak out the window. There was lots of debris, downed trees and standing water outside. But going through the house I had no damage or water intrusion, so all seemed well. Of course there was no power, but I had made it, survived the storm.

The winds were still blowing really hard, so going outside was not an option. I kept thinking, I’m fine, everything will be fine. I truly believed I will survive. Within a few hours, the winds finally did die down a bit and I was able to walk outside to check for further damage. There was lots of damage, large trees and fences, debris all over the place. And then I turned the corner to see the aluminum carport awning had fallen down crushing my car, oh the shock, when I thought all was fairly in decent shape. The ironic thing is that heavy tar paper and large vent from a high rise building almost a mile away had blew off and landed on top of my carport crushing the car. But I was alive, no one was hurt, and I am living proof. My point in this story is firstly, do not take it lightly when authorities call for evacuations, I admit I made a bad chose. Secondly, if you find yourself in such a situation, Believe that you can make it using caution and determination.

As promised, Here’s The #1 Way To Survive A Storm, no matter what your storm may be, a weather occurrence, cancer, severe depression, drug addictions, alcoholism, anything, Mindset can help you survive. You mind can play tricks on you and make you feel like giving up, not believing you can survive and get through this. I believed and stayed positive and truly believe that helped me stay calm and survive. To learn more about the Power of the Mind, Click Here! The Mind is Powerful and help everyone through life’s struggles.

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