Threw Out My Back Dancing With Santa Snoopy [Video]

Really, can you believe it. Threw out my back dancing with Santa Snoopy! I felt fine all day and evening, had a great
time with family, great food and fun.  Oh my, Think maybe it was the eggnog that kept me feeling fine? Well, different story this following morning. Dancing with Santa Snoopy, Joe Cool did go on much into the evening. I am okay with back pain cause it brought a smile to my mom’s face. Spending time with family on this very different special Christmas, is well worth it. Here it is, have a good laugh!

For those of you that do not follow me or know my story, this was the first Christmas since we lost my Dad. Mom has taken the loss very hard and her Dementia is progressing quickly. As a home caregiver, my brother and I are trying our hardest to keep her in the family home as long as possible. Thankfully, building my home based business allows me to still earn a living and care for my mom.

Here are some facts about Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease:

  • The number of Americans living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is growing — and growing fast. An estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. These numbers will escalate rapidly in coming years, as the baby boom generation has begun to reach age 65 and beyond, the age range of greatest risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • When a person lives with dementia, it makes them vulnerable. It is a disease that affects every part of their life – from when they wake up in the morning until they get into bed at night. It can continue after that – leaving them disoriented and scared if they wake up after a bad dream. People living with dementia continually deal with anxiety, depression, and often withdraw from the outside world, creating self-imposed isolation.
  • Doing the things your loved one has always done—no matter how mundane—can be key to their happiness. Changes in physical ability might prevent them from performing activities the way they used to, but by adjusting your approach—how you execute and talk about these activities—your loved one can maintain a sense of independence, accomplishment, and dignity.
  • When caring for loved ones, we tend to rely on routines—out of convenience but also with the intention of creating a reassuring, predictable environment for those with physical or mental limitations. But too much insistence on routine, especially when it is not the routine chosen by the individual receiving care, can create boredom and a sense of dependence. Flexibility can bring spontaneity and excitement back into both of your lives.
  • Truly listen to—or observe—your loved one for signs that they are feeling lonely or helpless. We may not easily come to the solution as caregivers, so it’s essential to understand what your loved one really wants and needs.

Building a home based business has proven to be the perfect solution for many. I utilize a platform that offers tools to work an online home based business and care for my mom. This allows me time to get her to every doctor’s appointment and choose the hours I want to work. It truly has saved me financially and feel the satisfaction that I can help others that do not have the option to work outside the home. Let me help you build a home based business Starting Right Away. Click Here for your life saving solution.

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Working From Home – You Can Too!

Working From Home Care-Giving My Mom

Always Here to Help

Care-giving for loved ones has become quite the norm for many families all over the world. Working from Home is very possible and you can do it too!

It may surprise you, but statistics show the devastating effect Dementia has on the U.S. population today. Researchers estimate that at least 1 in 3 seniors will die with Dementia. It is also thought that more than 9 million Americans live with some form of Dementia today. Alzheimer’s Dementia alone is considered the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. according to the Dementia Society of America.

Today I will share my personal story of how I am able to work from home care-giving my mom that has dementia. Mom was diagnosed with dementia about 4 years ago, although the family began seeing signs and changes in her as far back as 2009. She gradually progressed as traumatic situations occurred. Since we lost my father in March 2016, the progression has accelerated very quickly. She is no longer able to be left living alone and removing her from the home she and my dad shared for 62 years of marriage is just not an option. So I work at home online and have been able to schedule at least 4 hours a day on a home business that generates residual income and helps me maintain my home and cover expenses. Between myself and my brother we rotate a few weeks on and a few weeks off and are committed to keeping mom at home where all the family memories are.

But there are challenges that come with working from home while care-giving. It’s imperative that a caregiver be able to set aside time that is free from distraction—a difficult thing to do for those taking care of a loved one with dementia, or someone who needs help on an almost constant basis.

5 Tips For Working From Home

1.  If possible, Set aside time and a distraction free place exclusively for work.

2. Create a daily work routine and try to stick to it, which may be difficult when dealing with a person affected with dementia.

3. Network as much as possible Online to still be connected, informed and attract others to your business opportunity.

4. Be sure to set aside time daily for personal growth and development. Care-giving can be very overwhelming; take time to replenish, restore and recreate your mindset.

5. Stay focused on building your business and securing your future. It’s not selfish to strive for your personal goals, so don’t let yourself be held back.

Consider getting started on your own work at home business. I can help you get started with coaching and mentoring and the steps to get you well on your way. 

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