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About Me Donna Sands

Hello, I’m Donna Sands.

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I would like to Share a bit About Me Donna Sands! 

Guess you may be thinking, “Who Is This Person, Donna Sands and why should I listen to what she has to say?” So here goes, a little about me! For 30+ I have worked in the financial industry in many different areas. Over the years, I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder to the CFO of a prominent Credit Union in South Florida.

Hurricane Andrew changed the lives of so many people and soon relocating to the Central Florida area and was recruited by the data processing firm and traveled nationwide converted new clients over to our data management system.

In time, the company reorganized and my position was abolished. So it was time to reinvent myself. I always loved learning new things and found it to be a challenge, so I did some independent accounting work for credit unions nationwide and soon was offered a senior auditor position with the CPA firm. Traveling nationwide with an audit team doing audits for credit unions. After 18 months of traveling away from home, friends and family took a toll.

I decided once again to start fresh and was recruited by a local credit union in the Information Technology area. Writing code and programming, enhanced and maintained the website, as well as many other IT related tasks. Then once again my position was abolished due to a reorganization.

Life Changer

So once again it was time to reinvent myself and give it a go with Internet Marketing. I had dabbled with it for a few years prior and could see serious potential with the right product and the right team. Having the passion for helping people and my prior career was not fulfilling my need to have an impact on others lives.

Now I was ready and joined a Network Marketing Company that I felt very passionate about the products and the opportunity to help others financially and live healthier.  I saw HUGE Potential that gave me time freedom and satisfaction and started talking with people and building a team.

After some time, the Network company began having some problems, so I chose to move on to another Network Marketing company. Determined that I was not giving up, I continued learning and experimenting with all the valuable content I could get my hands on, books, webinars, videos and attended as many events as possible. The vision and dream of my future was very possible, I could see it all around me.

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Your vision is the driving force within you and if you want it bad enough, just reach out and take it. Whatever you need and want in life is VERY POSSIBLE when you have the right mindset! About Me Donna Sands

I worked hard and finally aligned myself with great marketing tools and mentors and coaches. This solved and taught me all I needed to get off to a great start.

My passion is to share an amazing marketing platform that has all the marketing tools, you need to succeed in your own home online business.

This totally was MY BIG BREAK. It would be my pleasure to help you attain YOUR FREEDOM.

After much research I discovered an amazing educational company that was a a perfect fit for me. My passion for  helping people solve their problems and training/mentoring others.

Obtaining coaches that would help me get started along my experience and knowledge would be a great success. I had the professional leadership ability and needed the online relationship building knowledge.

All Network Marketers get more leads, recruit my reps and become top earners in their companies. I needed those skills……….so,  I aligned myself with the best of the best in online educational company to ensure my success.

I did extensive  homework and found the perfect team to work with. Failure is not an option, so come on board and let’s ride the wave, starting today. With a clear vision and set goals. Only greatness is waiting for you. I BELIEVE in you.

Come join the FREEDOM trail and see how you can obtain the success you so badly deserve. Let me help you build your secure future.

Always believe in yourself and know that you CAN be great and inspire others to improve their lives.

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Wishing you much success in your life Ventures!

Improving the Lives of Others.

Donna M Sands

Email: SandsOnlineVentures@gmail.com

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