How a Paradigm Shift Can Make Results Happen in Your Business!

Curious, How a Paradigm Shift Can Make Results Happen in Your Business? First of All, what is a Paradigm Shift? I was curious also when I first heard this, so I did some research. I found several great books and videos that explained this very well. Paradigm

First, exactly what does Paradigm Shift mean? It is defined as a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions. It is the way our mind has been designed from birth. At birth and throughout your life your way of thinking and processing thoughts are developed from generations of your family, then through the educational system.

We all have heard of your conscious mind versus your sub conscious mind. In this video I share with you Bob Proctor talks in depth about paradigm shifts, what they are, and how they can affect you. As you watch the video, consider how this information can make a difference in your business. Without making a change in your life, change will not occur.

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This mind shift can make a huge difference in making results happen in your business. Opening up your mind and making this shift in thinking will give you the ability to Think Big in your business. This really resonated with me and has made a big difference. If your results are not what you are expecting take a look at this 28 minute video and decide for your self. Enjoy.

Did you find this interesting? Here is a additional resource that you may like as well.

Think and Grow Rich: By Napoleon Hill

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