How to Start Branding “YOU” from Scratch

In yesterday’s Blog post and Facebook Live I talked about Brand “YOU” rather than promoting youBrand Your products and services. Well, I received a lot of feedback asking how do I get started Branding myself? Let’s go through some ideas to get you started.

Every internet marketer has different opinions and strategies they use. The majority start by using Facebook due to the fact that the number of eyes to see YOU is highly increased then other social media outlets. So, let’s focus on Facebook first. Building your Brand through Facebook first, begins your focus with the biggest

If you are not already a Facebook user, set up a personal account by going to and sign up. If you already have a Facebook account, create a Business/Fan page to begin Branding “YOU”. Login to your personal Facebook page and and follow these steps. (See Below) To create you Business/Fan page click on the drop down arrow in the top corner of your personal page and select create page. Now you have a new page to build your fan business page.

Fan Page

Start by adding a professional photo of yourself and a cover photo that is clear and concise about you and your business. Maybe even a family photo or beautiful scenery picture. Stay away from using photos of the products you sell or service you offer. If you have a tagline share it, if not that is fine.

Next complete the “About” section as thoroughly as you possibly can. To be a credible authority, people want to know about you. Your education, where you live, life events, be willing to share.

Begin posting positive, inspirational pictures and quotes. You can get free photos or build your own from Keep all your postings positive and motivational. Stay away from posting links to what you are promoting to avoid looking spammy. Talk about how what you can do to benefit your visitors. Keep it REAL, share your struggles and how you over came them. What do you stand for and why are you here? Share your core values and what you are all about.

This is just the beginning. We can discuss additional attributives in another post. Wanna learn more about mastering Branding, Public Relations and Social Media, Click Here to check it out!

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Improving the Lives of Others.

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