Storm Approaching, Caution

Can you relate, Storm Approaching, Caution? You may feel fear, emotional, worried about friends and family or Overcome Fearso many other feelings. An absolutely normal emotion, because we are all human and experience different things in our lives. Whoa, have you ever heard these words, “Storm Approaching, Caution”? You find yourself doubtful, questioning the news hype, they can really get your blood pumping! What should I do? Need to protect my family, my home, everything…BIG decision. News continues to say “Storm Approaching, Caution”, should I take heed. We all know the weather hype and I understand their precautions to protect us all with their best forecasting tools and heart and soul behind it.

So here I am, living in Cocoa Beach, FL USA with Hurricane Matthew, forecasted to hit as a Category 4 hurricane a block off the ocean. I’m very well prepared, well stocked with the things I need. I have grown in in Florida so this is not my first severe storm, BUT everyone storm if different. I feel confident I am well prepared.

My point is, Life happens, there will BE fear, there will always BE big decisions and always there will be uncertainty. And frankly, I may have made the wrong decision, so let’s see what tomorrow brings. But I’m not afraid of fear or my mistakes. OK, OK this decision may be a life threatening one and not ever what I would recommend for anyone. So fear of anything (maybe not to the extreme I am dealing with) can make you more forward in life or your business. Always feel free to step out of your comfort zone. Think about your positive mindset and go for it. I have achieve this positive mindset after being very insecure and unsure about my life.

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