How to Use Social Media Effectively

Social MediaHow to Use Social Media Effectively

You may or may not have noticed that a few people have been talking about Jessica Higdon’s Social Media Recruiting Course, called the 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula and maybe you just haven’t had time to see what it is all about, or, maybe you have some questions, here are some common ones to help you out:

 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula

Q. Does this work for any company?

A. YES. The reason why is because recruiting or bringing in customers involves learning how to talk to other people and this is the focus of the course. Whether you sell juice, weight loss, travel or really any service or product, this course will show you step by step how to connect with people on social media and get them excited to join you and your business or become a customer

 Q: Is this up to date?

A. YES. Jessica launched her original course a few years back and has since gone back and updated all the relevant modules and added in a ton of bonuses (we have two bonuses that cover how to use and recruit on Snapchat)

Q. Does this ONLY teach you how to recruit or does it also work for those that lead with product?

A. YES. AND, you better pay attention to this. With the new FTC rulings involving Herbalife and also Vemma, there is going to be a bigger focus on bringing in customers and if you don’t know how to do this, you COULD be in trouble. In her course she walks you through EXACTLY what to say to lead with your product OR the business.

Q. How long will I have access to the course if I buy?

A. You get lifetime access to the course. You can watch the modules and or bonuses as many times as you would like

Q. Is it only Facebook related training or does she cover other Social Media platforms?

A. We do have a LOT of step by step training for Facebook but she also covers LinkedIn, and there are bonuses for Snapchat and Twitter recruiting and more. The important thing is NOT the platform but how to connect with people you don’t know using the Internet and that is exactly what she covers.

Q. Does this cover how to handle or overcome objections?

A. You are in REAL luck with this one. YES, she covers all of those things but there is an additional bonus course the Higdons threw in called How to Overcome Objections that will walk you through powerfully how to handle and overcome ANY objection

Q. Does this only work in the United States?

A. The training shares how to connect with other people, period. What drives them, how to get them wanting to chat more with you and how to handle any area where communication isn’t going smoothly

This course will help you to become a top recruiter AND a top earner and even covers how to teach your teammates these powerful strategies.

You do NOT have to be techie or have ANY results or even a warm market to use these strategies – This is ONLY available at the special price until Tuesday night so be sure to grab your copy here before the bonuses go away!

Grab it Here, but Hurry…….Time is Limited!

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