4 Steps to A Vision for Your Future

4 Steps to A Vision for Your Future

Recently I met with some friends for dinner and a discussion ensued regarding each of our Vision for the Future. Some rvisionelated their vision to dreams or a bucket list, things they were hopeful to accomplish in their lives by admittedly were not aggressively working towards them, as if they were unreachable. So I asked them why would not be working toward those dreams and vision for your future? To me it seemed so simple, to Think Big and embrace the thought that anything is possible, if you work towards where you want to be in one year, three years or 10 years from now. A Vision for your Future ties in very closely to Mindset. How badly to you want those dreams? What would it take to start working towards that Vision for your Future?

As our discussion went on, it became apparent that everyone had given some thought to life goals or their vision for the future, but they were not thinking big. Sure, there were the heckling comments, “Oh yea, I would love to drive a Lexus, live in a mansion and have a big yacht parked out back” and it appeared to me they were not serious about their vision.

So here are 4 Steps for a Vision for Your Future I wanted to share:

Create a bigger version of yourself

Reach for the stars and think BIG about what you want to be, what impression you want to leave with everyone you meet. Most people have the tendency to place ourselves within boundaries that define who we can and cannot be. This mindset causes us to settle for the lowest level of our potential. Form a clear, detailed picture of what the bigger version of your life looks like, one in which you’ve already attained your greatest goals and fulfilled your deepest desires. Painting a mental image helps you understand what it is you really want.

Write Down Your Aspirations

Make a list of your top 10 most important aspirations, then circle one or two you plan to achieve in the next year. Even better, create a Vision Book with pictures you gathered from magazines, online or any other place. Perhaps that new car or a vacation destination. This way you have not only mental vision, you can physically see and touch those things you are willing to work towards.

Never, ever give up

Simply having a vision does not fulfill it; you must work to materialize your dream. You will encounter obstacles along the road and people will try to keep you from succeeding, but never allow yourself to be intimidated. Remember that you are on a mission to achieve something incredible, and it’ll take a lot to stop you.

Celebrate your achievements

Your plans must include time of reflection. Compare where you were a year ago, five years ago, even 10 years ago with where you are now and congratulate yourself for your achievements both big and small. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work, careful planning, and strong character.

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From the Words from Donald TrumpAs long As You’re Going to Be Thinking Anyway, Think Big“.

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