4 Tips to Attraction Marketing

What Is Attraction Marketing? Many Network Marketer struggle to attract new prospects to their business. And let’s all face the truth, you need prospects interested in what you have to offer and feel you can meet their needs to succeed in their business. So how about we break it down to 4 tips to Attraction Marketing.

I will admit about two years ago, I had no idea what Attraction Marketing was all about and truly how far you could go with earning money online, working from home. So I dug in, starting watching videos, taking training webinars and a light shined bright.

Attraction marketing principles are the core of a successful Network Marketing business. So are you ready to dig in to the 4 Tips to Attraction Marketing? You will find these tips so simple, they will just roll off your tongue without any thought. I call this the EARN Strategy, and you will see why!

Engage-Engage in open conversation with your prospect. Start a conversation by discussing the weather, their social media site, the kids at the ball park, whatever or where ever you meet them. In time it becomes so easy to talk to people you meet in everyday life; the grocery store, post office, even if calling a prospect from opt in form from a prior post or any place you encounter others on a daily basis.

Ask-Ask open ended questions. Example-What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy your job? Listening intently is key to discover their needs and wants. Let them do most of the talking.

Respond-Respond with a personal solution, how you could help resolve any of their needs or wants. Express your understanding but Be respectful of their time by asking do they have a few minutes to discuss a solution or would there be a better time. Share your business website, videos or other information for them to review.

Nail-Nail the Close; Share your business or contact information and schedule a date and time to contact them to further discuss Securing their future after they have had time to review the information you shared with them. And most important, try to get their contact information; Name, Email, and phone number so you can follow up.

So there you are, 4 Tips to Attraction Marketing, the EARN Strategy. You will be surprised how many people will respond positively, but their will be others that don’t have the time or are just not interested. But still share your information and you never know, they may get back to you. You planted a seed and many people take time to consider an opportunity.


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